What is Local SEO?

A lot of people have been wondering what Local SEO is, or Geolocalized SEO. It allows you to explore specific areas and regions where your business is most present. Where consumers are most likely to search for your stores.

Learn what is local SEO

One of the most common search terms are local searches with words such as “near” or “near me”. They come accompanied by a keyword for a product or service.

Google shows and prioritizes local search results, so a site that is properly optimized for such localized searches can enjoy a qualified audience of visitors. As a result, 50% of those searches end up with a visit to a physical store. 97% of people use local searches to find supermarkets, restaurants, stores, gyms, and even ecommerce stores that deliver in certain regions.

In other words, Local SEO is composed of various complementary search tools, such as: Maps, My Business, and many others. Here’s where your potential consumer can find what they are looking for – making it essential for any business that wants to be successful locally in their industry.

How Local SEO Benefits Your Business

We start with the fact that 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase. Imagine your potential consumers searching for your products and services online and finding you immediately at the top of the results, or via Google Maps, with your information and contact readily available.

These searches usually have a sense of “urgency” and are only a few steps away from the end of the conversion funnel with a high purchase intent. This allows Localized SEO to help small, medium and large businesses win no matter where they are: by tapping into audiences that are eager to be served in a particular area or region.

Best of all, since the strategy focuses only on organic traffic, this technique generates quick results in a short, medium and long period of time.

Join the “Local SEO Pack”

When a site gains enough attention and traction in search results, that site gains a place in the “local pack”. The local pack is the 3 coveted positions at the top of search results that Google favors to serve as recommended businesses for local searches.

Visitors who find a website through the local pack are extremely qualified leads who are usually ready to buy locally – immediately. We will set up your Google My Business (GMB), and this is the crucial first step in getting you into the local pack.

It is through this Google interface that any business is shown in search results, by maps, and more. Despite being the first step to a successful SEO campaign, only 44% of all online businesses have set up their GMB listing – an excellent opportunity for you to take the lead in your industry!

Dynamic Strategies with Guaranteed Results

Local SEO campaigns are designed to attract immediate attention within your target location, exploiting Google’s search algorithm preference to serve up relevant local content by website and business near searchers. Geo-locating your page and efforts outside of it allows your site to be served locally, making it rank higher on the result pages with a higher priority. This will not only make you better positioned, but will also attract higher quality local traffic ready to convert.

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